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Will your friendship last?

Will your friendship last?

  • April 9, 2019
  • Gopalguts
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Let's make one thing clear-as we grow up, we make new friends while we also lose some old friends. That is definitely how life works. But, why does that happen? Check out the list below and find out will your friendship last! We hope that it will!


  1. You two have grown up together. This friendship is definitely special and different than others. How and why? It is different because it doesn't matter if your life starts going in different directions, you will always have some topics to discuss. Besides that, you share so many childhood memories and feelings. In 90%, such relationships last for life.


  1. Your twenties. The twenties or early thirties are definitely the years in which your life changes a lot. Some of us get married, have children, get a job or move somewhere else. If you and your friend start leading completely different lives, unfortunately, your friendship won't last. You know how that goes. You or someone you know probably has a child and you know what the topics are when you become a parent, right? This is just an example, but you got the point.


  1. Hobbies. Friends who have the same hobbies most of the times go together through life. Such a friendship doesn't need to be very deep, but it has to be connected with some passion you two share. Maybe you like sports? Do you like music? In this case, you will always have something to talk about and something that connects you.


  1. Hard times. We actually realize how many friends we have when something bad happens or when we go through some hard times in life. It is easy being a friend to someone who has no problems, right? If you go through hard times and your friend isn't there for you, know how that friendship won't last (and it shouldn't).