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What are the strangest jobs that exist on our entire planet?

What are the strangest jobs that exist on our entire planet?

  • April 5, 2019
  • Gopalguts
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Have you ever wondered what would be the strangest jobs that exist all around the globe? Well, I have, for so long, so I have decided to do great research and find out the most interesting job positions you haven't even be able to think of. Let's start!

  1. Pizza delivery man. Okay, so what is such interesting about this position? Well, this is not an ordinary pizza delivery guy position, but scuba diving one! Can you imagine a scuba diver to deliver your pizza? Does pizza become wet? No, it is packaged in a special box which is waterproof.
  2. Oh, I like to sleep... Do you like to sleep too? Then this job position would sound perfect to you! One man works in luxury hotels. His job is to sleep on a different bed every single night to check their quality. Is his wife mad at him? We hope she isn't!
  3. Pet food. You know how it all went with dog's food while we were just kids. Or was that just me? I tried the dog's food because I thought it is tasty. You can just imagine my mother's face when she saw me doing that... So, okay, one man does this for money! He tries all the different and new flavours they make for dog's food. Is he healthy? We hope he is.
  4. Netflix. Netflix is definitely very popular all around the globe and there are many people who constantly watch it. But, can you believe how someone gets paid to watch Netflix movies all day long? Yes, they do that to review the movies before those are put on Netflix's channel. I think this job position should be called a couch potato!
  5. Funerals. This one is definitely a little bit bizarre, yet, here we are. People in Asia pay other people to mourn and cry on the funerals. I cannot even imagine how that looks like, yet, it exists.

Which one from this list sounds the strangest to you? Also, would you like to get one of these jobs for yourself?