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Things you should do before turning 30

Things you should do before turning 30

  • April 5, 2019
  • Gopalguts
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Have you ever wondered if you are missing something in life? Do you want to live such a life which you will be proud of? If you do, and if you are in your twenties, be sure to try these things before turning 30! You will definitely regret if you don't! So, let's take a look at the list below.

1. Live alone. It is very important for you to leave alone and experience the life of a bachelor. Once you start to live this way, you will realize who you really are and what your habits are like. Of course, you can live one period of time alone, you don't have to buy an apartment.

2. Travel alone. Many people are scared to travel alone because they think how they won't have as much fun as when they travel with their friends or family. Yet, the truth is, everyone who has traveled alone claimed how that is definitely a must experience everyone should have in their lives.

3. Cut your hair in an unusual way. We all know what suits us the best and which hairstyle makes us look prettier, yet, before you turn 30, be sure that you try something completely new. Why? Because you are still young enough to experiment!

4. Do something that scares you. Are you afraid of height? You cannot imagine yourself jumping off the cliff? Well, what if I tell you how such an experience would make you much braver? You must fight fear, and what can be a better time of your life for that than your twenties? Become brave before the 30s and make your self-confidence grow!

5. Learn to cook. The truth is, everyone must know how to cook at least a few meals. Sometimes it will happen that you won't have anyone's help and you may be starving, out of the budget or you name it. Besides that, you cannot be healthy if you don't eat healthy meals.

6. Have at least one friend. Everyone should have at least one friend they can count on in every situation. The best time of your life for creating a strong friendship would definitely be in your 20s. You are smart enough, yet you are both probably still without families and children and can hang out together more.

Can you think of something else we should add on this list?